Forecast Shows Rain on Your Wedding Day: Here’s What to Do
April 26, 2022

Rain On Your Wedding Day? No worries!

 It’s the start of your wedding week. If you’re like most of our brides, you kick things off by checking the weather. 

Forecast shows: rain.

And lots of it.

But don’t worry!

First off, it’s the South. We all know the forecast could go from rain to full sunshine to a record-breaking winter storm and back again. In a few days time, you might wake up to clear skies!

However, it’s best to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature might throw your way. That’s why we’re sharing our top tips for weathering – and, most importantly, embracing – the storm on your wedding day. 

Rent a clear top tent for an open-air wedding in the rain

Most wedding venues have a backup for inclement weather, and they’ll usually present those options to you in the early stages of your wedding planning. However, if you don’t have the option to move your event indoors, you can rent a tent.

We love the idea of renting a clear top and sided tent to offer your guests unobstructed views of the skies and grounds. The sound of the rain pattering on the rooftop and the cuddle-inducing rolls of thunder will also create an instant romantic atmosphere.

While it is an additional item on your budget, a tent could save your wedding, and you should be able to find a vendor who’s able to accommodate last-minute requests.

Bring clear umbrellas for a dreamy and romantic photo shoot

Thanks to living in the age of fast shipping, getting your hands on umbrellas for you, your bridal party, and your guests should be an easy feat.

We recommend buying white or clear umbrellas for the bridal party so as not to obstruct any views or cast shadows on faces during photos. However, we also don’t hesitate to swoon over bold brides and grooms who opt for colorful brollies.

Speaking of, rain can produce some magical and creative shots. Ask your photographer if they have ideas to make your photoshoot unique, fun, and absolutely dreamy. 

Protect your dress with temporary hem tape

There’s a lot to love about outdoor, rainy photos, but mud isn’t one of them. Unless, you’re trashing your dress, of course!

To protect your wedding dress, use temporary hem tape to shorten the length as needed during your pre or post ceremony photos. You can easily remove the hem to lengthen your gown again for the ceremony and reception.

If you prefer to skip this step, ask your bridal party to carry your dress wherever you go and carefully place it down on the ground when the photographer is ready to snap.

Pack a pair of boots for a nontraditional (and functional) wedding shoe

Functional and fashionable, wearing rain boots on your wedding day will keep your feet dry and be a fun way to add personality or color to your wedding photos. Think Hunter Boots in bright yellow or vivid blue…or choose green to enhance the lush colors of your rainy day or classic black because it goes with everything.

But make sure to bring a change of shoes so you can tear up that dance floor!

There’s no need to take a rain check, so stay positive

Renting a clear-top tent, grabbing some umbrellas and rain boots, and making some quick adjustments to your dress are all easy, quick ways to make the most out of rain on your wedding day.

Remember to stay positive and embrace it! Whether you get April showers or a fully fledged storm, there are a lot of fun perks to getting married in the rain. Think of the dreamy photos, a cozy atmosphere, and a celebration everyone will always remember.



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