5 Tips for Tackling Your Covid Wedding
September 14, 2020

Covid Weddings Are Alot to Deal With

They are hard and so are all the new rules for them. So let’s talk about it, the new wedding normal that the world has been adjusting to since March. Here at Bella Baxter, as we have adjusted, yes things have been hard, but as the eternal optimists we are we have seen that there is still a bright side. We have found that even though our ways of celebrating have changed over the last few months, very importantly that : People are still Celebrating Love! Love is still here, and the World will prevail!

Since the Pandemic hit at the beginning of the 2020, we at Bella Baxter Events have worked with our clients to re-plan, re-schedule, and re-invent wedding days – sometimes several times over. It’s been long work days, lots of flexibility, and so much time spent on Zoom. BUT it has all been so worth it because the wedding days we have had since late May have been just as magical as the original plans, even if they have included masks, contact tracing, and temperature checks.

So to help you with your Covid Wedding Day here are 5 Tips that we have learned over the past few months that have helped us keep the celebration going in this crazy year of 2020.


  • Know your local directives! All states and cities have local directives that have been set forth as rules by the government in order to help stop the spread of the virus. And unfortunately, they change all the time, but they are IMPORTANT. Make sure your vendors are keeping up with the changes and following all the local rules and directives. Most of these directives can be found on your local city, county, and state government websites.
  • Embrace the mask! Since masks, hand sanitizer and all the new things we have because of Covid are here anyway, you might as well make them cute and functional at your event. Hand sanitizer and masks with custom labels or in your wedding colors are always fun! You monogram those napkins, don’t you? Why not monogram everything!
  • Try to keep those guest counts tight! We know that you want to invite everyone and their Momma and their Momma’s friends to your big day, but take a pause first before you invite them all. Not only will keeping the guest count down to your core friends and family keep your day safer and more meaningful, but it will help with your budget too! More guests always equal more money. Still want to include everyone and their Momma? Think about video streaming or zooming your wedding ceremony via private link and maybe do a special invitation just for those guests. It will make them feel included and excited that they can still be apart of your big day even if it is from afar.
  • Create the Illusion! Don’t want your 2020 Covid wedding to “look different” from all those other lovely Pinterest weddings you have seen online? Work with your Wedding Planner and Photography/Videography team to make sure all of those important safety rules you are following, like Masks and Social Distancing, are filmed in such a way that the illusion of a non-covid wedding is there. For example, filming and photographing the wedding ceremony completely from the back so that all you see are the backs of the guest’s heads and you at the altar. You won’t see all the guests with masks, even though they are there. Then with photo magic – your safe wedding looks like any other wedding you would see on Pinterest in the professional photos.
  • Relax and LISTEN to your Vendors! Your wedding vendors really, truly are trying to do their best for your big day all the way around. They are trying to keep you happy and safe as well their staff safe. They are business people who are trying to stay current with the rules, stay in business through the epidemic, AND keep their clients happy.  It is a delicate dance, but we are all in this together and they are there for you on your big day. Listen to their advice and trust them. Everyone is still focused on the main goal of getting you safely down that aisle with a smile on your face and love in your heart, I promise!



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